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About Us

Who Are We?

Contrary to what our name suggests our audio products are designed and built in New Zealand... true story. Driven by a passion for music since 1974, Perreaux is a vibrant team made up of people just like you – people who love music!

Music drives our passion to create. Hours of listening at our workshop in Dunedin, New Zealand provides us with an invaluable perspective on our work. Everything that we build is made to reflect not only our own demanding standards, but to reflect what we enjoy in our own listening.

Each and every one of our products is the distillation of our desire to design and build audio products that allow us to enjoy the music we love – we believe they will make the music you love sound amazing too.

Our selection of products currently consists of amplifiers, preamplifiers, USB DACs, and loudspeakers – all of which are manufactured in New Zealand.

We’re proud to be a New Zealand company, manufacturing in Dunedin and creating audio products with exceptional performance and superb build quality that puts the music first.

As music lovers ourselves, we strive to build the best audio products in the world. From USB DACs to high power amplifiers, our products are designed for people who love music.

Our History

Perreaux kicked-off in 1974 in Napier, a small town in the North Island of New Zealand, by brothers Keith and Peter Perreaux. Together they created the business that pioneered the use of power MOSFETs in home audio amplifiers.

Our first product, the GS 2002, was a stereo integrated amplifier that had a power output of a whopping 22W. To be honest it wasn't our finest work, chalk it up to inexperience, but we learnt a lot and have moved on – a lot of tweaking and refining can be done in 40 years!

We went on to produce amplifiers and loudspeakers which were exported to both domestic hi-fi and professional markets around the world. None more widely known than the SM2 & PMF 2150B pre/power pairing which captured the imagination of world markets and helped define our ethos at that time as “audibly superior“.

Critical acclaim for our amplifiers and loudspeakers culminated when well-known bands, including Men At Work and Ragnarok, used Perreaux amplifiers and loudspeakers for sound reinforcement at their gigs and concerts.

Today we manufacture several models of audio products, from award-winning amplifiers and USB DACs to high-performance loudspeakers. We offer products ranging from the modern design and class-leading performance of our Audiant range to the reference sound quality and massive power output found in our flagship Prisma range of separates.

Why Choose Perreaux?

Basically because we’re a bunch of blokes, albeit a highly talented and experienced bunch who know a bit about designing audio gear, who love and appreciate music and good sound just as much as you do – but if that’s not reason enough here are a few other reasons why we think you would enjoy choosing us:

30-Day Right of Return

We know that the only way to really figure out if our gear is right for you is to give it a whirl it in your own home, with the music you love and in your own time. Oh, and to see that it really is as good as it looks on the website.

That’s why we invite you to take our products for a spin and give you 30 days to fall in love with them. If for some reason you don’t love them as much as we do, send them back within 30 days... we’ll even stump up for the return shipping.

No hassle or exceptions, it's that simple! All we ask is that the item is in the same condition as you received it in and is in the original packaging.

Give our gear a whirl >

No-nonsense Advice

We live and breathe audio here at Perreaux, and are passionate about sharing our expertise with music lovers and audiophiles of all ages and experience levels... although we may draw the line if you happen to like The Eagles.

We know it's not easy keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and products, so we’re here to help you find the right gear for you – even if that means suggesting the WhoDicky ABC is a better match for your system.

Ask us about your needs >

Fast Free Shipping

Shipping is FREE on absolutely everything, no minimum-order shenanigans to make you buy more stuff than you really need, and we only use express courier delivery so you get your order as fast as possible and in one piece.

When you place an order, you want it straight away, right?! Provided it’s in stock, we’ll most likely ship it the same day (unless you order just before we knock-off in which case we’ll probably ship it the day after) and you’ll get your grubby hands on it the day after that, or two days if you live out in the sticks or in Auckland which is ages away from Dunedin.

If what you’ve ordered isn’t in stock, we’ll get our A-into-G and build it for you and get it to you as soon as possible. This may occur if we’ve been too busy listening to good music and forgotten to order parts this month – in which case we’ll contact you to give you some idea when to expect your order and you’ll say “Sweet, take your time. I love you guys”… or maybe you’ll just tell us to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Fast free shipping on everything >

Transferrable 5-Year Warranty

Relax, we've got your back. Let’s face it things do go pear-shaped from time to time, so we promise to look after you for five years. Yep, a whole five years, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered if things happen to go tits-up.

We also know that you might want to move on in the future, so we’ve made life a whole lot easier with a fully transferrable warranty… although why you’d want to part with something you love so dearly is beyond us, you wouldn’t sell your mother would you?

We've got your back >

Supported For Life

Gear comes and goes over the life of your system and sometimes you get stuff that simply won’t play nice together, just like my two-year-old!! So, for the life of your system, help with installation, setup and troubleshooting is only an email or phone call away... unlike for my two-year-old – there ain’t nobody I can call to troubleshoot her.

Don’t take our word for it, Allan was stoked when we recently helped him get his PMF 5150 power amp sounding mint again...

The amp was real good when I got it, but now it is more beautiful than ever. This is the only amp I am ever going to own again. This was achieved starting with your input & assistance. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH.

Allan S. | Winnipeg, Canada

Heck, you may have moved your Perreaux gear on years ago and we wouldn’t even know, but we’d still help you out – because that’s the kind of blokes we are.

Trusted Since 1974

Our customers have trusted us to make the music they love sound amazing for 40 years, okay it’s really only 39.92 years but we won’t tell anyone if you don’t. Many have become close lifelong friends and, just like you’d help your mates, we love helping ours build systems they can enjoy for a lifetime.

Even the industry press have good things to say about our products – a few have gone as far as giving us awards too, fancy that...

About Us

High quality home audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, USB DACs, and other hi fi audio components proudly designed and built in New Zealand since 1974.

Contact Us

Perreaux USA
1767 Rose Petal Lane
Castle Rock, CO 80109
United States of America
Customer Service: 720-308-4000
Mon - Fri 9.00am-9.00pm MST


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