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Home Audio Amplifiers, Preamplifiers & USB DACs

Buy Home Audio Amplifiers, Preamplifiers & USB DACs

We've been making exceptional hi fi and home audio gear for over 35 years. Our history and experience making amplifiers allows us to create fantastic sounding audio products offering exceptional performance, superb build quality and excellent value for money.

Every Perreaux product is designed and built in-house at our factory in Dunedin, New Zealand. All aspects of our products, from the machined aluminium casework to the advanced electronic circuits, have been designed by our team of committed engineers.

Built by hand and individually tested, each Perreaux product is assured to meet the highest standards – our commitment to ensuring our products stand the test of time and provide you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Whatever type of music you enjoy, we have the gear to bring your music to life.

"The right amp at the right time."
"The eloquence 150i is a master of space and time... with a rock 'n' roll heart beating inside that compact chassis."
"The 250i behaves, unapologetically, in exactly the manner you’d demand of any high-end unit with vast reserves of power: with grace and guts. And eloquence."
"The Audiant sound is authoritative and clear. It’s dynamic and airy, with resolution that allows you to hear deeply into the music."
"The 150i was so grain free, so natural sounding, so musical, and refined that it did absolutely nothing to give away that you were listening to either solid state or tube."
"The DP32 and 100p is one of those famous combinations that lets you get on with enjoying the music."
"The 250i is pretty close to my dream amp!"

About Us

High quality home audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, USB DACs, and other hi fi audio components proudly designed and built in New Zealand since 1974.

Contact Us

Perreaux USA
1767 Rose Petal Lane
Castle Rock, CO 80109
United States of America
Customer Service: 720-308-4000
Mon - Fri 9.00am-9.00pm MST


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