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Audiant DP32 USB DAC Preamplifier

USB DAC Preamplifier
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The Audiant DP32 is a USB DAC preamplifier equipped with a 32-bit digital to analog converter (DAC), fully balanced analog audio circuits and ample input options – featuring AES/EBU digital input and balanced XLR analog input along with asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz USB audio streaming.

From its sleek, modern appearance to its transparent, extended, and engaging sonic presentation; the Audiant DP32 DAC preamp is simply captivating. The sound is spacious and focused, resolving so much information but without brightness, grain or artifact.

The Audiant DP32 USB DAC preamplifier is the perfect partner for the Audiant 100p stereo power amplifier. Whether as part of a complete Audiant system or as the DAC preamp in your existing system – the DP32 will reconnect you with the MUSIC.

Find out more about Balanced vs. Unbalanced Audio and discover how using a balanced input allows your audio system to sound its best.

Learn how to setup USB Audio and get the best sound quality from your computer-based audio system.

High resolution accuracy.

ESS Technology's 32-bit Sabre³² DAC with patented Hyperstream™ DAC architecture and Jitter Eliminator provides accurate sound reproduction.

Low jitter. Perfect timing.

Two stages of jitter reduction in the digital audio stream keep jitter to a minimum ensuring the delivery of your music is timed to perfection.

Asynchronous. Detail. Transparency.

The asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz USB input allows the superior detail, dynamics and transparency of high definition music to be fully experienced.

Brings music to life.

The fully balanced audio signal allows true 24-bit dynamic range and retains the liveliness and sparkle of your music – bringing it to life.

Pure. Emotion.

Ultra-low distortion provides transparent, detailed and accurate sound reproduction which captures the heart, soul and emotion of music.

Tonally correct.

The audio circuit has no capacitors in the signal path to introduce phase shift to the analogue signal – ensuring your music retains its purity and intended tonal balance.

Clean. Noise-free.

Digital signals are kept clean and noise-free by discrete shunt regulators with high noise rejection, reducing jitter and allowing your music to shine.

Monocoque stability.

The CNC machined aluminum monocoque cover is stunning and provides unprecedented mechanical stability while serving as a substantial heat sink.

Digital Section

Digital Inputs

1 USB asynchronous 24/192
2 Coaxial RCA
2 Optical Toslink

Digital Input Impedance

75Ω Coaxial

Isolated Inputs


DAC Chip

Sabre³² ES9018 by ESS Technology

Input Bit Depth

up to 24-bit on all inputs

Input Sample Rate

up to 192kHz on all inputs

Digital Conversion

24-bit/192kHz upsampled

Full-Scale Output

4.0Vrms at 0dBFS

Total Harmonic Distortion

0.0001% at 1kHz with 0dBFS input
<0.0015% from 20Hz to 20kHz with 0dBFS input

Frequency Response

±0.05dB from 20Hz to 20kHz

Signal to Noise

140dB referenced to 0dBFS

Total Correlated Jitter

<10ps referenced to -3dBFS

Preamplifier Section

Input Impedance

20kΩ balanced XLR input
47kΩ single-ended RCA input

Analogue Inputs

1 XLR or RCA Line selectable balanced or single-ended
1 RCA Line or HT selectable line or home theatre bypass

Home Theatre Bypass

Yes selectable

Volume Control Range

-100.0dB to 0.0dB

Analogue Pre Outputs

1 Balanced XLR
1 Single-ended RCA

Analogue Line Outputs

1 Single-Ended RCA

Analogue Output Impedance

100Ω balanced XLR
50Ω single-ended RCA

Signal to Noise

140dB referenced to 4Vrms

Total Harmonic Distortion

0.0001% at 1kHz referenced to 4Vrms
<0.0005% from 20Hz to 20kHz referenced to 4Vrms

Frequency Response

±0.05dB from 20Hz to 20kHz

Dynamic Range

140dB at -60dB referenced to 4Vrms

Channel Separation

better than 115dB from 20Hz to 20kHz referenced to 4Vrms



67mm (2.6") height
431mm (17.0") width
305mm (12.0") depth


8.0kg (17.6lb)

The Whole Package Just Screams Quality

What a thing of beauty that DP32 is. You should be very proud to be producing such a lovely, high quality product.

I'd have to say the little high-tensile button head cap screws are a teensy bit overkill but I expect they were chosen for their form and colour and in that size high-tensile is likely the only option. So much nicer than the crappy cross-heads used normally, bravo.

It's obvious that plenty of careful thought went into the mechanical engineering as well as the electronics, the whole package just screams quality.

I'd have to say even the manual is superb. Well laid out, clear and concise and perfect English, I love it. I read it once and knew exactly what it all does. The output should be just fine for my Quads.

You've got more processing power in there than the Apollo ships by far. I'm guessing the little 8-bit Atmel could be running the touch display and that multi-cored XMOS monster is looking after the USB and the other digital inputs but I'm only guessing and am probably completely wrong.

Anyway so far so good but I haven't had a peep out of it yet. I have ordered some cables I need and when they are here I'll get it plumbed in nicely. I did connect the mains so I could check out the display, very cool.

Can't wait to have a listen but while I'm waiting for the cables I can do a bit of USB audio homework and get the driver sorted.

Thanks again Perreaux, I'm very impressed.

Aug '13
Auckland, New Zealand
Stewart L.
It's An Audiophile Bargain

This is a stunning bit of kit... It beats everything I've owned in the past 20+ years (and theres been lots). It's driving ATC 50 active towers from a MacBook/iTunes.

At the price it's an audiophile bargain. Superb...

Apr '13
Southampton, UK
Graham B.
"The right amp at the right time."
"The eloquence 150i is a master of space and time... with a rock 'n' roll heart beating inside that compact chassis."
"The 250i behaves, unapologetically, in exactly the manner you’d demand of any high-end unit with vast reserves of power: with grace and guts. And eloquence."
"The Audiant sound is authoritative and clear. It’s dynamic and airy, with resolution that allows you to hear deeply into the music."
"The 150i was so grain free, so natural sounding, so musical, and refined that it did absolutely nothing to give away that you were listening to either solid state or tube."
"The DP32 and 100p is one of those famous combinations that lets you get on with enjoying the music."
"The 250i is pretty close to my dream amp!"

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