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eloquence CDt Compact Disc Transport

Compact Disc Transport
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The eloquence CDt is a dedicated compact disc (CD) transport that delivers exceptional performance from the CD format. The CDt even plays MP3 files from disc.

Over 30 years of experience crafting fine high end audio components is embodied within the eloquence CDt. The CDt extends our commitment to the CD format and our belief that it will remain a reference medium for years to come.

The eloquence CDt compact disc transport is the perfect partner for the 150i integrated amplifier or the 250i integrated amplifier equipped with the USB DAC module.

Use with the USB DAC module in the integrated amplifiers to experience the exceptional sound quality this dedicated eloquence system offers.


Smart home integration.

The RS-232 serial port allows seamless integration into any smart home using solutions from the likes of Control4™, AMX™ and Crestron™. Coupled with the IR input and Trigger input, smart home integration has never been easier.

Transformer coupled output.

The coaxial SPDIF output is transformer coupled using the best digital audio transformer on the market, the SC947-02 from Scientific Conversion, to ensure the SPDIF signal maintains very low levels of jitter. The transformers high Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMMR) and decreased capacitance guarantee greatly reduced interference susceptibility, noise and pulse aberration ensuring the delivery of your music is timed to perfection.

Custom designed transformer.

The custom designed toroidal transformer provides low mechanical hum and is shielded to reduce magnetic fields, ensuring the power supplies remain free of noise and reducing power supply related jitter.

Ultra-short signal paths.

The signal paths of the digital outputs are laid out with the utmost care – components are arranged as compact as physically possible keeping track lengths to a minimum and ensuring signal paths are as short and direct as possible. The ultra-short signal paths minimise PCB induced jitter, providing accurate sound reproduction and allowing your music to truly shine.

Dual digital interface transmitters.

To further reduce jitter, separate digital interface transmitters are used for the coaxial and optical SPDIF outputs. The coaxial and optical digital outputs operate entirely independently, this guarantees that one output will not affect the digital signal of the other.

Digital Section

Disc Compatibility


Output Bit Depth


Output Sample Rate


Digital Outputs

1 Coaxial BNC or RCA selectable
1 Optical Toslink

Digital Output Impedance

75Ω coaxial BNC
75Ω coaxial RCA
N/A optical

Digital Output Voltage

0.6Vp-p coaxial BNC
0.6Vp-p coaxial RCA
N/A optical

Digital Output Isolation

Transformer coaxial BNC
Transformer coaxial RCA
Optical optical


Remote Control


IR Input

3.5mm jack

IR Output

3.5mm jack

Trigger Input

3.5mm jack 0-12VDC

Trigger Output

3.5mm jack 0-12VDC

Serial Port

RJ45 RS232

Power Consumption

1.1W in standby
3.3W at idle
5.9W maximum


100mm (3.9") height
425mm (16.7") width
340mm (13.4") depth


7.9kg (17.4lb)

"The right amp at the right time."
"The eloquence 150i is a master of space and time... with a rock 'n' roll heart beating inside that compact chassis."
"The 250i behaves, unapologetically, in exactly the manner you’d demand of any high-end unit with vast reserves of power: with grace and guts. And eloquence."
"The Audiant sound is authoritative and clear. It’s dynamic and airy, with resolution that allows you to hear deeply into the music."
"The 150i was so grain free, so natural sounding, so musical, and refined that it did absolutely nothing to give away that you were listening to either solid state or tube."
"The DP32 and 100p is one of those famous combinations that lets you get on with enjoying the music."
"The 250i is pretty close to my dream amp!"

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