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Prisma SM6 MkII Balanced Preamplifier

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Balanced Preamplifier
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The SM6 MkII preamplifier is a fully balanced analog stereo preamplifier. Utilizing discrete Class-A signal and line stages in a fully balanced topology, the SM6 MkII presents music with the realism of the performance itself.

With six separate regulated power supplies the sensitive analog stages are isolated from all power supply artifacts, allowing dynamic transient attacks to appear from a black background.

The wide frequency response of the SM6 MkII enables the entire audio spectrum to be portrayed in an articulate manner, ensuring you’re not left guessing.

As with all Perreaux products, the design is completely solid state, featuring the finest audiophile grade components throughout.

The Prisma SM6 MkII preamplifier is the perfect partner for the Prisma 350 stereo power amplifier or Prisma 750 monoblock power amplifiers. Whether as part of a complete Prisma system or as the preamp in your existing system – the SM6 MkII will reconnect you with the MUSIC.

Find out more about Balanced vs. Unbalanced Audio and discover how using balanced audio allows your music system to sound its best.

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Pure. Emotion.

Four discrete Class-A line stages ensure the audio signal retains its purity and provides transparent, detailed and accurate sound reproduction which captures the heart, soul and emotion of music.

Dual-mono volume control.

Dual volume controls – one for the left channel and one for the right; keep crosstalk, distortion and noise levels to a minimum resulting in an open soundstage with expansive width and depth.

Balanced? Single-ended? You choose.

It's up to you, with balanced and single-ended audio inputs and outputs; you choose the optimum connection method for your music system.

Perfectly balanced.

Fully balanced analog audio circuitry cancels incoming noise and interference while isolating ground loops and the effects of ground currents.

Contactless volume control.

The absence of mechanical wipers produces an extremely reliable volume control with unmatched accuracy and a stunning improvement in clarity.

Clean. Noise-free.

Multiple regulated power supplies provide pure power for all of the circuitry, while multiple outputs of the custom-designed transformer ensure the best possible noise isolation between the analog audio and digital logic circuitry.

Home theater integration. Simple.

The home theater input bypasses the volume control allowing integration into a home theater system with seamless switching from audio to theater listening without compromising the performance of either.

Preamplifier Section

Input Impedance

20kΩ balanced XLR input
10kΩ single-ended RCA input

Analog Inputs

1 XLR or RCA Line selectable balanced or single-ended
1 RCA HT home theatre bypass
4 RCA Line single-ended

Home Theatre Bypass


Volume Control Range

-97dB to +18dB

Analogue Pre Outputs

1 Balanced XLR
2 Single-ended RCA

Analogue Line Outputs

1 Single-Ended RCA

Analogue Output Impedance

200Ω balanced XLR
100Ω single-ended RCA

Signal to Noise

100dB referenced to 1.5Vrms

Total Harmonic Distortion

0.001% at 1kHz referenced to 1.5Vrms
<0.004% from 20Hz to 20kHz referenced to 1.5Vrms

Frequency Response

±0.05dB from 20Hz to 20kHz

Channel Separation

better than 80dB from 20Hz to 20kHz referenced to 1.5Vrms

Maximum Output

6.8Vrms balanced
3.3Vrms single-ended


Remote Control


Trigger Output

3.5mm jack 0-5VDC


106mm (4.2") height
430mm (16.9") width
323mm (12.7") depth


7.7kg (17.0lb)

As Close to a Live Performance as I Have Ever Heard

Most noticeable is the absolutely black background – no sound whatsoever except what was transmitted from the music source. This characteristic enables us to hear sounds in the music that we had never before experienced in very familiar recordings.

In Livingston Taylor's "Isn't She Lovely," we could hear his Breath between his lips as he whistled parts of the melody. The sound is as close to a live performance as I have ever heard from a stereo system. In Sara K's rendition of "What's a Little More Rain" we heard for the first time the subtle, soft sound of falling rain drops at various points in the track.

Thanks Marty and your extraordinary team for the help, patience, and expertise in making our journey possible and successful.

Jan '13
North Hampton, NH
Phillip W.
"The right amp at the right time."
"The eloquence 150i is a master of space and time... with a rock 'n' roll heart beating inside that compact chassis."
"The 250i behaves, unapologetically, in exactly the manner you’d demand of any high-end unit with vast reserves of power: with grace and guts. And eloquence."
"The Audiant sound is authoritative and clear. It’s dynamic and airy, with resolution that allows you to hear deeply into the music."
"The 150i was so grain free, so natural sounding, so musical, and refined that it did absolutely nothing to give away that you were listening to either solid state or tube."
"The DP32 and 100p is one of those famous combinations that lets you get on with enjoying the music."
"The 250i is pretty close to my dream amp!"

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